Keep it orderly

Get rid of bad energy around you.

Get rid of stuff that do not add value to your short prioritised life.

Get rid of that ‘friend’ who doesn’t appreciate any step you make in life.

Give time to what constructs your goals.

Give time to that which conforms to your dream expectations.

Give time to that which adds a taste to your personality.

Delete the bad feelings and thoughts and replace them with a more cheerful, interactive and vibrant energy.

Delete them, those who always find a way to pull you towards their entanglement.

Delete them, those who derive much joy and pleasure seeing you in your comfort zone and insert those who push you towards achievement.

You are in charge of your life which contains a constitution of your body and spirit.

In order to keep your life running smoothly, delete and get rid of obstacles that come from your experiences and interaction with other people and from self.

You also need to give time and create extra time to what pushes you to the edge of your ambitions.

Yeah, and life will surely turn your direction.


Published by Nicholas

Am a student at Moi University. I am passionate about writing and I do it wholeheartedly. I derive joy in sharing my piece of mind with the society and the world at large.

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