Only because you have been able to build your house on a rock doesn’t give you a slowdown to abuse the ones that are facing the storm. Just because you have kept your house in order does not give you the strength to ridicule, to mock or to criticize one that has not reached the atmost tranquillity yet.

Success and failure have equal measures depending on the performance of the actor. Everyone has their own level of achievement to reach. Every stone rolls according to the force it was pushed with.

Not every sunrise and sunset is the same and if they are, they don’t take place at the same time daily. Everyone who by chance understands the flow of life should make the point marking and creating an impact on someone that doesn’t.

strengthen and encourage

Instead of mock and ridicule, it is wise to strengthen and encourage.

Instead of competing and failing it is better to work together and achieve the great.

Instead of staying ignorant because of the little you have, it is better to seek for more knowledge.

Instead of talking or speaking to hurt someone, it is better to keep silent and maintain the tranquillity.

Actions and words wrap each other while faith and hope compel each other.

Silence is the best cooler to the war of words; silence also is the herb to a rising war.

For a man to become what he wants to become, he must do what he has to do and act the way he has to act.

By CjLasbon


Published by Nicholas

Am a student at Moi University. I am passionate about writing and I do it wholeheartedly. I derive joy in sharing my piece of mind with the society and the world at large.

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