Thinking out loud…

There is so much that has been said about education and its importance in a person’s life. One man ever said that the best thing that parents can offer to their children is education. In the African perspective, many parents have turned the notion and have created education as he only means of life, this has led them to force their children to follow the education system from the child’s birth up to later stages of his or her life.

I am not here to rebel the wishes of many parents and the entire aspect of the education system but am only giving a different thought about the life situation. The fact is, if at all everyone has his or her own life to live, why should all of us follow one system that contains the same thing.

I can say that the best thing a parent can offer to his child is the basic qualities to survive in life which includes education system as a way to acquire tricks of survival. Many African parents understand that education only entails going to school for 20 years and coming out with a degree or PhD. We have seen and heard of many academicians who have been greatly acknowledged for their academic achievement but they have failed in the general education of life.

Knowledge can be acquired not only through school but also in the simplest form of our daily levity. Looking back in history, the main purpose why the education system began was to enable one to know how to read and write as a way of communication. It will be great if one could pursue education with personal choice rather than being forced to go through a complex system that many people have ended up misunderstanding its vitality.

It has clouded many of my brothers and sisters minds that for one to become a “somebody” in life then they must become doctors, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs and other renowned careers. Many have failed to explore the ignored side where without education in schools one can still become “somebody”

Like I said earlier, if all of us have our own life to live, why should it be that we are forced to follow one system that teaches us the same thing? Why don’t we have unique content?

By Cjlasbon


Neither too early nor too late to begin.

If that is not enough, work hard and smart for you and yourself.

At some point in your life you will remember that if it were not for the decision you made today then you would never cross the other side of success gates.

It is not too early to begin what you want to achieve, but it is not too late as well to make your dreams come true.

The best choice is the one made now for the benefit of your own well being.

Be smart when making a choice by appreciating the power of keeping yourself as the first priority.

It is you who needs to be better, it is you who needs to be the best, so you should be the best.

By being committed to your principles and self guidelines and observing them with consistency, you are able to achieve a step in your self fulfilment and satisfaction.

Set goals and keep your dreams sparkling in your mind all the time.

Work hard and smart to achieve every set goal and set other greater goals.

Keep it orderly

Get rid of bad energy around you.

Get rid of stuff that do not add value to your short prioritised life.

Get rid of that ‘friend’ who doesn’t appreciate any step you make in life.

Give time to what constructs your goals.

Give time to that which conforms to your dream expectations.

Give time to that which adds a taste to your personality.

Delete the bad feelings and thoughts and replace them with a more cheerful, interactive and vibrant energy.

Delete them, those who always find a way to pull you towards their entanglement.

Delete them, those who derive much joy and pleasure seeing you in your comfort zone and insert those who push you towards achievement.

You are in charge of your life which contains a constitution of your body and spirit.

In order to keep your life running smoothly, delete and get rid of obstacles that come from your experiences and interaction with other people and from self.

You also need to give time and create extra time to what pushes you to the edge of your ambitions.

Yeah, and life will surely turn your direction.

Vitality of mindset change

We follow where our minds go, at the same time we control our minds.

What we think is what reflects back to our actions, moods and attitudes.

Only one recipe is responsible for changing the direction and quality of our lives and that is a renewed mind.

Our thoughts are our lives.

When we focus on the good things about others instead of what we don’t like about them, it becomes easier to be at peace with them.

When we focus on the good side of something, it becomes easier to benefit from it instead of minding its disadvantages.

Train your mind to not only think positively but also to derive all the good in situations and happenings in life.

Shape your thoughts to shape your results.


It doesn’t matter if the going is getting tough,
It doesn’t matter how hard my head will hit the rock,
It doesn’t matter how frequent the wind will blow me off the track
I will surely hit my destination.

I will not wait for time up.
I will not follow the direction of the winds.
I will stand against all odds to defeat the flow.
I am the dream chaser.

I am responsible of my actions, so am I of my life.
I am set to touch the finishing line.
I am lined up among the winning.
The destination is surely great.



Only because you have been able to build your house on a rock doesn’t give you a slowdown to abuse the ones that are facing the storm. Just because you have kept your house in order does not give you the strength to ridicule, to mock or to criticize one that has not reached the atmost tranquillity yet.

Success and failure have equal measures depending on the performance of the actor. Everyone has their own level of achievement to reach. Every stone rolls according to the force it was pushed with.

Not every sunrise and sunset is the same and if they are, they don’t take place at the same time daily. Everyone who by chance understands the flow of life should make the point marking and creating an impact on someone that doesn’t.

strengthen and encourage

Instead of mock and ridicule, it is wise to strengthen and encourage.

Instead of competing and failing it is better to work together and achieve the great.

Instead of staying ignorant because of the little you have, it is better to seek for more knowledge.

Instead of talking or speaking to hurt someone, it is better to keep silent and maintain the tranquillity.

Actions and words wrap each other while faith and hope compel each other.

Silence is the best cooler to the war of words; silence also is the herb to a rising war.

For a man to become what he wants to become, he must do what he has to do and act the way he has to act.

By CjLasbon